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FLSA & Education: Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand ease compliance with FLSA regulations for overtime in Education

Leave Management with Attendance Enterprise: Automatically tracking employee leave cuts costs, streamlines operations

Automating Benefit Accruals: System simplifies administration of employee time-off plans, fairly applies policies

Does your organization have an absenteeism problem? The fully integrated "Incidents & Points" module for Attendance Enterprise and Attendance on Demand supports fair and accurate enforcement of absence management policies

Time Clocks for Employee Attendance Tracking: We offer a variety of time clocks to suit the needs of any environment or number of employees

Biometrics: Advantages for Employee Attendance Verification: Biometric time clocks eliminate buddy punching

FLSA & Education

Leave Management

Automating Benefit Accruals

Incidents & Points

Time Clocks

Biometric Time Clocks
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