Biometric Finger Readers

Want to eliminate the cost of lost cards and prevent buddy punching? Biometric finger readers identify employees using unique digital fingerprint templates. Employees must be present to punch.

Identify or Verify technology is built into our finger readers. When the time clock is configured to Identify, the employee places a fingerprint on the time clock. If the scan matches a stored template of the employee fingerprint, the employee is punched In. When a finger reader is configured to Verify, there is an additional layer of security. The employee swipes a badge or types a PIN before placing a fingerprint on the time clock.

Our biometric fingerprint reader time clocks include:

Biometric Hand Readers

Biometric Finger Readers

Barcode Time Clocks

PIN Time Clocks

Magnetic Stripe Readers

Proximity Readers

Telephone Time Clocks

Online Time Sheets

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