Attendance Enterprise

Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting. It provides the mechanisms to:

Automated employee time and attendance tracking with Attendance Enterprise saves you money, improves accuracy, and increases productivity and management control.

Payroll Policies: Automatically computes complex pay rules without custom programming.

Workforce Management: Provides real-time information to help managers control overtime and stay within budget.

Scheduling: Automatically creates and distributes employee schedules.

Leave Management: Leave management automates employee requests for time away from their work schedules.

Benefit Accruals: Automate benefit accrual calculations.

Incidents & Points: Automatically manages employee attendance policies.

Reports: Provides customized reports to aid decision making.

Employee Self Service: An online timesheet for employees, Employee Self Service empowers employees while reducing workload for HR.

Manager Self Service: A browser interface for supervisors, Manager Self Service lets supervisors track and manage their workforce.

Payroll Policies

Workforce Management


Leave Management

Benefit Accruals

Incidents & Points


Employee Self Service

Manager Self Service


Attendance Enterprise

Employee Self Service
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